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Although the importance of humus in agriculture was recognized by the early Greek and Roman philosophers, it is only during the last century and a half that attempts have been made to disclose the nature of this group of organic complexes, their formation and decomposition, and their role in plant […]

Humus: Origin, chemical composition, and importance in nature. SELMAN A. ...

The aim of this book is… To offer knowledge and practical techniques for environmental rehabilitation and sustainability, strengthening community resilience and local economies. The contents of the book are based on concepts of deep ecology, the interconnectedness of our environment and culture and the principles and ethics of sustainable community […]

A Resource Book for PERMACULTURE. Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles. IDEP ...

Introduction Controlled Microbial Compost (commonly known as «Luebke compost») is a premium-grade, well-humified compost that has been microbially inoculated, aerated, and monitored to ensure high standards of quality.  The CMC method was developed through on-farm and laboratory research by Siegfried and Uta Luebke of Austria.  «Humus management» is a soil […]

Controlled Microbial Composting and Humus Management: Luebke Compost

1 Introduction This manual is designed specifically for engineers, technicians and extension workers involved in agriculture, commercial farmers and contractors – all with some understanding of engineering and some experience of dams, irrigation and water supply – involved in the siting, design and construction of small earth dams in the […]

Manual on small earth dams